Pisgah Seventh-day Adventist Church

Knowing Jesus And Making Jesus Known

How God Built Pisgah SDA Church

Videos, Recollections, Memories and more from the church and community members that God used to help bring about the place of worship and fellowship we now know as Pisgah Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Take a deep dive into some of the most incredible stores of the pioneering days describing things like the early home meetings, the youth in the communities, the fellowship, the construction, and even putting a roof on in the dark with only car head lights to guide them.

The stories herein are incredible, powerful and inspiring. They tell the narrative of how God used His faithful servants to first develop a Spiritual, loving body of Christians who first had a hope and a desire to come together to worship the Lord; which eventually blossomed into the plans to build a physical house of worship in Charles County, Maryland.

You'll read and hear incredible stories of how God used members to spread his word from family to friends to co-workers and and the communities as He allowed Pisgah Church to grow quickly to what became a family-centered group of loving Christians who wanted to tell the World about their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Get ready to be amazed at the miracles behind how God truly built Pisgah SDA Church and the lives of the individuals who were there from the beginning to the present day. Be warned: some of the stories are truly jaw-dropping testimonies. Some will make you bust a gut laughing. Some will have your eyes tearing up. But all will have you inspired about the awesome, loving, merciful wonder-working power of our Father God in Heaven!


~ Media Ministry