Pisgah Seventh-day Adventist Church

Loving God Completely, And Each Other Unconditionally.


Welcome to the Pisgah Seventh-day Adventist Church


We are located in Bryans Road, Maryland and we are a Christian community and would love to have you join us for Worship, Bible studies, Prayer, Community events and much more.

Our church exists for sharing the love of God to all through the proclamation of gospel and prophecy; in worship, Bible study, seminars, and personal and public evangelism.  We invite you to come worship and fellowship with us.

The Pisgah Seventh-day Adventist Church is a part of a global church in the Protestant tradition.  Our worship services are simple and full of live music - sung congregationally or performed by choirs, chorale groups, and soloists.  Our sermons are straight-forward looks through the Holy Scriptures.  Our services are open and accessible to all.

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Pastor's Welcome:


"And the kingdom and dominion, and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven, shall be given to the people of the saints of the most High, whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and all dominions shall serve and obey him." ~ Daniel 7: 27 KJV

Praise the Lord and celebrate with me the promise in this prophecy of Daniel. A promise of living in an everlasting kingdom. We are living in the end times and it is joyous to know God has promised this blessing to you and all.  This life full of unexpected events which includes ebola, pandemics, violence, poverty, evil and death will be succeeded by living in the everlasting kingdom with the LORD.

Come visit with us in praise and worship, bible study and fellowship, intercession and proclamation with transforming experiences.

Come and share these God times together.

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Pastor's Corner 

~ Dr. Glenford Baxter,
Pastor, Pisgah Seventh-day Adventist Church
Email: gbaxter@aecsda.com

Holy, Eternal, Loving, Faithful Leadership:

GOD: Omnipotent, Omniscient, Almighty, Loving, Merciful, Just, Unchanging, Father in Heaven.
JESUS, CHRIST, Messiah, Anointed One, Anointed Salvation, Redeemer, Yeshu'a Hamashiach: Our Savior, Our Messiah, Our Advocate in Heaven, The author and finisher of our faith, who died to give mankind a chance at Salvation.
THE HOLY SPIRIT: The third person of the Godhead, who guides us into a closer walk with Christ and helps us connect with God the Father.

Pisgah SDA Church Elders & Ministry Leaders for 2022-2024

Elders: William Johnson (Head Elder), Clifton Fulwood, , Ronald Green, Sr., Ronald Dorsey, Jr., Mike Harvey, Jonathan Sawyer
Head Deacon: Derrick Dent
Head Deaconess: Diana Fulwood
Security Officer: William Johnson
Church Clerk: Roberta Edgecombe
Communications: Vicki Flores
Sabbath School Superintendent: Robert Flores 
Community Service: Gloria Dorsey
Health & Temperance: Leola Gilliam

Bible School Coord.: Karen Dent
Education: Coleen Harvey
Prayer & Personal Ministries: Roxanne Forris
Religious Liberty: Linda Mahoney
Stewardship: Frieda Thornton
Adventist Youth Society (AYS): Karlene Johnson
Adventurer Club: Karlene Johnson
Pathfinder Club Carlos Shaw (Liaison)
Multimedia | Audio/Visual: Mike Harvey
Music Ministry/Praise Leader: Hazel Baxter



Service Times


Mid-Week Prayer Meeting: 7:15 pm
Zoom Only:

Former: Pisgah Wednesday Prayer Meeting - Recurring

Meeting ID: 837041423

Hosted by: Pisgah SDA Church

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Password: M@tthew24

Sabbath / Saturday

Power Hour: 7:00 am
Zoom Only

Pisgah Personal Ministries Bible Study (recurring)

Meeting ID: 929854054

Hosted by: Pisgah SDA Church

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Password: Pr@iseGod

Sabbath School: 9:15 am
In-Person & Zoom

Password: Pr@iseGod

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Divine Worship Service: 11:00 am
In-Person & Zoom
(Praise & Worship Begins at 10:50 am)

Pisgah Zoom: Sabbath School / Divine Worship / Prayer Meeting

Meeting ID: 807905326

Hosted by: Pisgah SDA Church

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Password: Pr@iseGod

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Live on our website
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Bible Studies


Health Seminars

Monthly (See Dates)

Avenue To Wellness
Zoom Only

Pisgah SDA Church's Personal Meeting Room

Meeting ID: 6356682544

Hosted by: Pisgah SDA Church

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Password: Wellne$$


AYS Vespers

Fridays (1st & 3rd): 7:30pm

Adventist Youth Society Ministry
7:30 pm
Online via Zoom Only
Meeting ID: 921 123 881

Connect With Us

Email: Info@PisgahSDAChurch.org

Phone: (301) 283-3230 (VM)

Pastor: (410) 251-1920

Web/Media: (240) 209-0732

Community Services: (301) 412-2371

Meta / FaceBook: @PisgahSDAChurch

Instagram: @PisgahSDAChurch

Twitter: @PisgahSDAChurch

YouTube: Pisgah SDA Church


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    We are located at 5830 Bumpy Oak Road, Bryans Road, MD 20616