Pisgah Seventh-day Adventist Church

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Church Clerk

Church Clerk Department: The clerk of the church has one of the MOST important church offices, upon which the proper administration and efficient functioning of the church depends. Few realize how much depends on the proper administration of this office. The Church Clerk is the official church historian and keeper of the church records.

The church clerk is to ensure that the church’s records are maintained and that the church’s business is documented. The church clerk works in close relationship with the pastor and the rest of the church officers as well as members. The church clerk reports to the local conference and serves on the church board.

The Church Clerk will handle responsibilities included, but not limited to: 

  • Maintaining Church Membership Records
  • Keeping Church Board/Business Meetings Minutes
  • Tracking Appointed Committees & Their Business Activites
  • Keeping Records of Events for Church History
  • Recording & Supplying Statistical Information For The Church Conference/Officials
  • Handling & Recording Church Membership Transfers
  • Maintaining The Church Directory & Bulletin
  • Recording & Reporting Church Baptisms, Birthday, Anniversaries and Obituaries
  • Supporting The Other Ministry Departments Of The Church